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The MOST EFFECTIVE real estate training you'll ever receive
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I'll bet you've been to a whole BUNCH of real estate trainings huh?
Let me guess...

  • You've been to the workshop on how to get started in real estate with "no cash or credit needed?"

  • Or,  you've been to the event that guarantees to show you how to buy apartment buildings for "little to no money down?"

  • And I know you've been to events that promise to show you how to buy tax lien properties for pennies on the dollar...only problem is the training is $10K and up?

If you're tired of ineffective training programs with big promises and small results, then you're in the right place

  • Get ready to learn how to set up a PROFITABLE real estate business that doesn't require you to sell anything, build a team or punch a clock

  • Put yourself in position to build a family business where you can employ family and friends and revitalize the community at the same time

  • Start taking more of your FREE TIME back and enjoy having more flexibility in your schedule
Here's what people are saying about the training...
I purchased this course a few months ago. I work full-time but was able review it and followed Danielle's course instructions. Within two weeks of submitting applications, I landed my first contract with a national preservation company. The ability to revisit the material and following the quick start guide made the process as seamless as possible.
-Christopher Campbell

The best online training I have ever received.
-Camille Crawford

If you are unsure about this course, but you desperately need a lifestyle change, sign up and let Danielle change your life!! The moment I heard Danielle speaking to Dr. Boyce about her program I knew it was for me. However, I wasn't sure if this specific course would deliver up to my expectations. All I can say is WOW, this course was and is a home run for those who are new to the industry, and I wouldn't advise you to let anyone else teach you other than Danielle. Now go ahead and sign up! I promise you won't regret it.
-Alan Jordan

Danielle offers a course that's straight to the point with loads of information about the property preservation industry. With loads of examples and prompt and professional customer service, you can't beat the value of this course. Enjoy!
-Erica King

Like most people, I have tried close to a dozen programs throughout the years claiming to help you break into a business and was disappointed to find half way through that the information was difficult to sort through and not all that I needed to get into the business. Elements were always missing and there was no one to help guide me or answer questions. Danielle Pierce's course is full of priceless gems that work! Her course casts aside all the filler and gets straight to the business. Danielle ensures your success with everything you need in the course to get you up and running to the unwavering support you receive during and after the course. I am on my way to a solid successful preservation business in less than 90 days (currently on-boarding with 3 reputable companies she recommended in 4 different states!) and Danielle was there every step of the way! She's passionate about seeing others succeed just as she has. It's her mission and it shows! This is the ONLY and/or last program you will need to succeed!
-Shannon Leon

What's Included In The Training?
Modules 1-5
Establish Your Foundation
Learn the EXACT steps needed to land your first contract as a repair vendor. Understand the insurance requirements, background check requirements, business set up requirements and more.
Modules 6-10
Build Your Business

Learn what steps are required to build your team. Understand the 4 methods to paying contractors. Gain clarity around bidding and photo requirements for each job.

Modules 11-15
Build Your Knowledge
In this part of the course, you'll really start to build your knowledge base around the industry. Understand how to calculate cubic yards and increase your revenue with pre-approved work items $$$.
At the end of this section, you'll also learn which national companies are the best candidates to partner with as you set up  your company. You can also find sample vendor assessments and answers for your review as well.
Modules 16-19
Time To Get In The Game
Get help with vendor applications and insurance applications in these modules. You'll also find ALL the documents you need to build your own vendor packet to bring people on to your team.
Please pay special attention to the QUICK START GUIDE in this section which outlines a step by step process to follow after you complete the course.
You'll want to make sure you study this section very carefully before launching your business.
Module 20
This section outlines the basic requirements you'll need to obtain work from private individuals and businesses. You can also find an explanation of how to become an approved government contractor.
Here's who I am and why you should trust me...
I am Danielle Pierce...and my ONLY job is to help you secure your first contract!

Here's what you need to know about me...

  • I'm a full time 12 year real estate entrepreneur
  • I offer HIGHLY SPECIALIZED knowledge with regard to the real estate industry
  • I work in the fields in which I teach - As my mom would always say: "I'm not telling you what I heard - I'm telling you what I KNOW"
  • I'm willing to show you the EXACT STEPS you'll need to get started and start seeing results

  • I am THE TRUTH :)
All jokes aside, I'm sure you aren't watching this page to read about how great I am. You only want to know what's in it for you! So, here's what you're going to receive

  • A fully detailed blueprint on how to set up your business anywhere in the US

  • Unlimited access to the course content which is updated as new and relevant information becomes available that I think will help

  • You're also going to receive unlimited email support for the first 60 days after purchase

  • And of course, feel free to schedule a quick start onboarding call with a member of the team to answer your initial questions and make sure you start on the right foot
Here's a few more testimonials from some of our most successful students...

This is an AWESOME Course and of the highest quality.  Danielle Pierce, trainer is clear, professional, and knows this business.  My husband and I are retiring, looking to supplement our retirement, and help to create jobs, as well.  Looking to develop this as a family business.
-Maureen Johnson

Course is well organized and very helpful!  Danielle lays it out for you so that you know what to expect and what steps to take to get up and running as soon as possible.  I highly recommend this course for any person looking to get into the business of repairing and maintaining foreclosed properties.
-John Montgomery

This course is absolutely phenomenal! I have learned so much information about the Property Preservation business in such a short time! I feel like an expert already, LOL! The course is very user-friendly! The modules give you the right amount of information, so you're not overwhelmed. Also, Danielle's responds quickly to questions! This is by far one of the best courses I have taken! I am so grateful to be apart of this team!
-Rhonda Brady

Very impressive! This program was well thought out, packaged and presented by Danielle. Whether you are a visual, oracle or practical learner, it is perfect for any learning style. I am very impressed with the content, resources and the time was not lengthy. I was able to complete the entire course in a short time which is valuable. I especially like the fact that I can replay the chapters along with downloadable material. Danielle has given me the tools and the confidence to help grow my business.
-Deb Ford

Danielle is very knowledgeable her property and preservation course was full of valuable information and easy to follow she is awesome at assisting you with any questions you have I can't wait to go ahead and get going
-Ki Muir

Here are a few publications we've been featured in...
Black Enterprise
Rolling Out

Chicago Voyage
It's Decision Time Ladies and Gents
I don't pretend to know everything about everything. As a matter of act, in the grand scheme of things, I'm sure I know very little lol.
However, I ABSOLUTELY know that my team can assist you in establishing a profitable business and securing multiple contracts. Failure is only an option if you allow it to be.
Danielle Pierce
The Wealth Strategist
Limited time only!
Real Estate Agents
Many people opt to get a real estate license under the false assumption that it's a quick pathway to riches.
Unfortunately, that's far from the reality.
Real estate agents must wear many hats in order to successfully close a single transaction.
Additionally, if the transaction doesn't close, then the agent collects ZERO dollars. So, all the days, weeks and months that are spent with clients can result in a ZERO dollar payday.  If you're tired of having your ability to earn money contingent upon the actions of so many others, then this program is ESPECIALLY for you.
If you're an existing entrepreneur, then you already know the value of establishing and scaling a business. You also know how to quickly identify viable business opportunities vs those that won't pan out.
You already have the basic, foundational tools in place to be successful. All you need is the blueprint to obtaining bank contracts and managing the business. If this sounds like you, we have you covered. 
Individuals Tired Of Living Hand to Mouth
If you are just simply someone that is tired of living check to check, robbing Peter to pay Paul and living hand to mouth, then you'll want to be sure to take full advantage of this opportunity.
While I'm not here to advise you to quit your job today and dive in head first - I do want you to know that the option will be there when you're truly ready.
Yes, the business can be stressful and comes with a unique set of challenges, but the upside potential is enormous. 
Folks That Want Solutions NOT Feel Good Rhetoric
Listen, I know you may have spent A LOT of money on other real estate courses without seeing the results you desire.
Allow me to assure you THIS course is unlike any other course you've taken. It's not full of fluff and info designed to make you temporarily feel good. It's designed to help you get your first contract and many more to come. #SecureTheBag
At this stage in my career, I ONLY want to work with those individuals that are driven, capable and of course, self-motivated. If you are looking for a clear, easy to follow blue-print that works, then this is the program for you. 
Limited time only!
Answers before you ask
Does This Program Work In My City?
The wonderful thing about this business is that it works just about everywhere. If there are foreclosures in your city, then you can bet there is an opportunity to create a successful business. Currently, we have clients that are operating out of: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, California and Nevada. 
Can I Do This And Still Work My Job?
Generally, the most successful students are operating their business full time. However, it's possible to work your 9 to 5 AND operate this business if your job has a certain level of flexibility built in. You should be able to send and/or respond to a quick text message or email. If your job does not allow you to be on the phone at all, you should not start until you have a more flexible position  OR a suitable partner. 
How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?
The start up costs are significantly lower than many other businesses, but you'll still need between $2k and $3k to start. Of course, just like anything else, the more money you have, the easier time you'll have in the beginning. In the beginning, you''ll incur the following costs: business formation expenses, insurance down payment, possibly 1 week of payroll. 
What Type of Support Is Available After Purchase?
Each course purchase includes 60 days of unlimited email support. In my experience, that is more than enough time to establish the business, obtain insurance, apply for contracts and potentially receive your first contract. This timeframe works beautifully for 90% of students. In the event, that additional support is needed after 60 days, a separate consultation fee would be required. 
What Type Of Work Will I Be Assigned?
Preservation work generally includes the following: landscaping, board ups, debris removal, evictions and securing.
It generally does not include major renovation and/or remodeling work. 
How Do I Find Good Subcontractors To Bring On Board With My Company?
The course includes a sample ad that has been proven to be effective at locating quality subcontractors. Finding great subs is a HUGE part of your success and it can certainly prove challenging. To counteract those challenges, we recommend that each business owner makes recruiting a DAILY part of their practice. It's better to have and not need than to need and not have. 
How Often Will I Get Paid For Work Completed?
Each company has a different schedule. 80% of the companies recommended in the course complete deposits on a bi-weekly basis. There are a handful of companies that pay every 30 days. If you're a new vendor or starting with limited funds, I would only work with the companies that pay bi-weekly. 
How Long Does It Take To Get My First Contract
The average amount of time is 60 days. However, there are exceptions of course. The fastest time from course completion to actually working in the industry is 2 weeks. I do want to stress that it is NOT a competition and the goal is to maximize your contract once you obtain it. In order to do that, you'll need to establish a solid foundation and build a good team. These two things can take some time, so please be mindful of that. 
What If I Need Help Recruiting Subcontractors?
The course includes a sample application, subcontractor agreement and all the docs you'll need to create your vendor packet in order to recruit. It also includes sample questions to ask potential candidates in the interviewing process.
If, however, you want someone to do that for you and just provide you a list of viable candidates ready to work, there is an additional option available for you. Details are provided in the online course.
What's Your Best Success Story?
A husband and wife team out of Chicago, generated $243K in revenue for 2018. They've been in the business for just under 3 years.
Is It Possible To Obtain Work In Multiple States?
Yes, it's possible.
I don't recommend this for new vendors as a general rule. It requires a high degree of organization, strong delegation skills and excellent time management skills. Also, start up costs can be higher.
How Long Will I Have Access To The Course?
Upon enrollment, you'll have unlimited access to the course. As new and relevant information is obtained, the course is updated and you'll be able to use that information in your business on a real-time basis.
What more do we need to say?
The proof is in the pudding.
Sign up now and get started.​​​​​​​
If you've gotten ALL the way down here and still aren't convinced, then it appears we aren't a good fit at this time. I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial journey.

Now, if you were just scrolling because you didn't want to miss anything before signing up, then you're definitely part of my tribe and I can't wait to work with you. Click the link below to gain instant access.
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